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Forex Information Services

One of the most important pre-requisite of evolving any strategy or taking any decision is the correct information about the market movement. We have observed in most of the cases corporate suffer due to lack of timely information and as a result they are never in a commanding position with their banks while negotiating the documents. Being inter-bank dealers, we provide correct and neutral market information which leads to monetary and opportunity gains. We keep our clients updated about the market movement through daily emails at regular intervals and sms alerts. We give access to our website www.forexcap.com where one can get all the desired information about the currency market.

Information Services

Our Standard Information Package includes:

» Daily Emails on regular intervals on Forex market movement.
» SMS alerts on Opening and Closing Rates of USD/INR.

Access to the following sections of www.forexcap.com

» Spot rates – Live Interbank Rates for USD/INR and Major Currency Pairs
» Desktop application to view live Spot Rates without logging on to the website
» Intra Day movement of Spot Rates
» Forward Rates - for USD/INR and Major Currency Pairs
» Treasury Rates – LIBOR, FRA, etc.
» Benchmark Rates – RBI reference rates, Policy Rates, FEDAI rates etc.
» Rate Sheets – Compilation of daily forex information.
» Technical & Fundamental analysis
» Currency Convertor
» Forward Rate Calculator
» Charting
» Library of relevant RBI circulars

Our Premium Information Package includes the following, in addition to the Service mentioned above in Standard Information Package:

» SMS alerts on Opening, Closing and the Movement of USD/INR during the Day
» Mobile Application Platform (on Android/iPhone/Blackberry)
» Client specified Fx Alerts
» Option Calculator
» Fibonacci Calculator
» Profit Calculator
» Fx Dashboard
» Archives

Smart Fx is our Mobile Application for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android based smart phones. We have developed this application so that you stay connected to the forex market even while you are on the move. This platform provides the users with live inter-bank rates, forward premiums, latest news, etc. on their hand phones. All our premium clients are entitled to download this application on their respective smart phones.